Indigo Shibori Wax Wraps


These indigo shibori wax wraps are crafted from durable linen fabric and hand dyed in natural indigo. Made from usda organic bee's wax, jojoba oil, and 100% natural pure pine resin. These shibori patterns are created using a shape resist technique called itajime. The fabric is pleated and folded in various ways and then bound together between blocks or other objects to create a repeated pattern.

Fabrication: Indigo Dyed 100% Linen
Set of 3 includes sizes: 10" 8" and 5"  

Due to the natural indigo dyeing process each fabric will vary in pattern slightly. Recommended care: Gently rinse in cold water, only using mild soap when necessary. Avoid hot water as this will melt and deteriorate the wax coating.

Shibori is a traditional Japanese dyeing craft. It involves binding fabric through folding, twisting, and stitching techniques to create a resist. The bound fabric is then dyed, most commonly, with natural indigo.

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