Intentional, mindful, artisanal

'Okika Cloth is designed, handprinted, cut, and sewn on O'ahu, Hawai'i. Each collection rooted to land by organic color and natural fabric; each piece distinctively, uniquely yours.


Shibori is a traditional Japanese dyeing craft. It involves binding fabric through folding, twisting, and stitching techniques to create a resist, and is then dyed, most commonly with natural indigo. 

This natural dyeing process makes every ‘Okika Cloth shibori piece truly distinctive, and uniquely yours. Each stitch intentional, every layer of indigo dyed to reach the perfect shade of blue.

New Arrival: Shibori Placemats

Dress your table with the delicate, ombre hues of shibori with these hand dyed indigo placemats. Crafted from a luscious, textured linen, each piece hand stitched and immersed in natural indigo, building layer upon layer of rich blues.

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